Redefine Weight loss Program

It is important to lose weight because excess weight is associated with and is a risk factor for multiple health disorders including diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, heart attack, cancers (including breast, ovarian, uterine and many others), arthritis, and sleep disorders including sleep apnea, GERD, kidney failure, swollen legs and many others. We know how serious you are for your weight loss. Likewise we are very serious in achieving
your goals.

In this clinic we provide medically supervised weight loss program. You will be seeing an expert who is board certified and trained in the field of obesity, metabolic disorder and hormonal imbalance. He will be guiding and tailoring the ideal program for you. We will be taking into account all your personal goals, metabolism and body type to deliver personalized therapy. Whether you want to lose few inches or few pounds we will guide you through to get your weight loss goals. In this office there will be a full medical consultation and full metabolic assessment. Labs will be done to determine if you have any metabolic imbalance. You will be provided with personalized dietary plan to expedite in weight loss. Total calories intake and consumption. You will be provided with the exercise plan which will fit your needs. In this program we use medications to suppress the appetite, fat burning supplements and vitamins injections. We provide hCG injections to those who qualify. You may be placed on supplements that trap and eliminate excess body fat and stubborn fat. You will be closely followed including the monitoring of weight loss, blood pressure, results vary but you will loose weight.

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