Hair Restoration

STEM cells have potential to develop into many different types of cells and are being used for hair growth and hair restoration. STEM cells have magnificent quality of repair and heal any injured or damage cells. This is the main reason STEM cells are showing positive results in hair restoration where damage or thinning hair gets repaired and produce healthy and thick hair.

Patient’s blood is also collected to obtain PRP (platelet rich plasma). Both PRP and STEM cells are mixed together since PRP activates STEM cells. Patient is given a local anesthetic such as lidocaine in the scalp. Once patients scalp is anesthetized, STEM cells and PRP combination is injected into the scalp. Entire procedure takes about 2 hours and is usually well tolerated by most of the patients. Patient may notice some swelling the following day, but this may not be the case with everyone.

It has been recommended to do 3 additional PRP sessions every two weeks followed by this STEM cells therapy. In most case, patient usually starts to see improvement is 3 to 6 months.

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