FUE Hair Restoration

The Unit By Unit Technique is currently the most advanced method of hair transplantation across the globe.

Technique: We harvest Individual Follicular units from the donor area situated at the back and sides of your head with our automated FUE extractors. These extractors use a roto-motor which can be precisely adjusted for its speed of rotation, duration of rotation and depth of insertion by the operating doctor, resulting in harvestation of untouched, intact Follicular units of the best quality ready to be implanted into the donor area. These Grafts/Follicular units are then instantly transferred to your recipient area with an accurate direction and angulation to give you the most natural result possible.

Salient Features of Unit By Unit Technique

While Extraction:

  • Automated FUE extractor machine.
  • 100 % yield of grafts.
  • 0.7 mm punches resulting in no scarring of donor area.
  • No manual handling of grafts, maximizing graft survival.
  • We use TTLA anesthesia giving you a comfortable experience and minimizing pain.
  • All grafts removed are of the best quality ready to be implanted.
  • Grafts stay outside the body for a very short or negligible time, maximizing graft survival.

While Implantation:

  • No slits or holes are created for implantation.
  • No cuts required for implantation.
  • No use of conventional implanters.
  • Disposable implanters, disposed after every 10 implantations, results in fresh tip of implanters, no extra pressure required for implantation, no blood oozing, no scarring, faster and more natural implantation.
  • Maximum density achieved for implantation.
  • TTLA anesthesia ensures a painless experience.
  • No need to rest, you can resume your duties immediately.
  • You can wear caps instantly if you require.


  • Minimal risk of infection.
  • Minimal pain.
  • No downtime or recovery time.
  • Results can be seen on 15th day, same results would be mimicked at 6 months.

GENUINITY DELIVERED: "Active-Roots" is known for its genuine results and honesty towards our patients. Your results is our responsibility.

Don’t stay bald anymore! We will see you through to a full head of natural, permanent hair.

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