Erectile Dysfunction

Redefine Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatment Program: Treating ED and Impotence with Stem Cell-based Therapies

Erectile Dysfunctions (ED) is defined as the reduction of potency and libido. It can have a variety of causes, both physical and psychological. Most frequent reasons are diabetes, smoking, obesity, high blood pressure or as a side effect from a prostate cancer operation. Additionally, the effects of aging are partly responsible for impotence and ED.

All age groups of men can suffer from weak penile erections, which renders their sexual intercourse problematic or even impossible. In the previous decade, the so called “PDE-5 inhibitors” medications such as Viagra were shown to be a successful group of drugs that improved the quality of life of many affected men. However, they offer limited help by temporarily overriding the symptoms of impotence and ED.
Now, with recent advancements in stem cell therapies, a long-lasting solution promises a permanent improvement of potency at minimal risks.

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